Insurance Planning

Life insurance and other risk management issues pose legitimate concerns for many of our clients. As providers of integrated financial services, insurance planning is often one piece of our strategy. Because we are committed to providing you with independent advice, your SPA Financial Advisor conducts an objective review of your insurance needs. When your situation is better served by a non-insurance solution, we'll tell you. However, in those cases when insurance is the most effective solution for your situation, your SPA Financial Advisors, in their role as separately licensed insurance agents, will help you identify the policies that may satisfy your needs and budget.

Life Insurance
In many instances, life insurance plays an integral role in our clients' financial or estate plans. Whether you face a substantial estate-tax liability, aim to replace a significant income stream, or strive to provide for the special needs of another, our SPA Financial Advisors can help you identify reasonable life insurance solutions. 
Seidman Insurance Consultants, LLC (SIC), is a licensed insurance agency that has agreements with various third party unaffiliated insurance companies.

Regardless of whether you use the services of SIC, your SPA Financial Advisor is there to help you select the policies and vendors suited to meet your needs at a price that is competitive in their role as separately licensed insurance agents with various carriers or as individually licensed insurance agents of New York Life Insurance Company.


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