Our Approach

Disciplined, Structured Planning

SPA employs a disciplined, structured approach to planning, aimed at both developing and implementing a financial plan customized to the needs of each client. We are committed to a fully integrated "Total Wealth Management" approach that is designed to address your entire financial situation. SPA provides access to a menu of services including: investment advisory services, investment management, financial and retirement planning, insurance planning and risk management, estate planning and education planning. This approach is structured to provide you with substantial benefits, including:

  • Time-saving coordination of financial services
  • Several service providers to choose from
  • Synergy in coordinating financial and estate plans
  • Emphasizing a "service-driven approach," not a sales orientation

We hope that you, like so many of our clients, will come to rely on SPA for all of your professional service needs.

SCG Financial Advisors

Our clients are busy people. They understand the importance of their financial well being, yet often lack the time to devote to their personal matters. Most are seeking a trusted advisor to help them manage all of their financial and investment concerns. While the actual advice we provide to our clients is key, the most valuable aspect of our service may well be providing one advisor to coordinate these financial services. We call these advisors "Financial Advisors."

Focused on Your Needs

SCG Financial Advisors are carefully chosen to help ensure not only technical experience, but also responsiveness to client needs. If you are like our other clients, you are likely looking for an advisor who:

  • Provides tailored advice and is responsive to your needs
  • Works in your best interest
  • Respects your busy schedule
  • Is available to answer questions even when no formal appointment is scheduled
  • Makes efficient use of your time
  • Identifies and executes reasonable solutions
  • Provides consistent planning advice at a competitive price


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